Disclose MS CRM Online 2011 data in SharePoint 2010 Online

Thanks to LightningTools following blog post, I was able to quickly disclose CRM Online data is SharePoint Online.
Check out this post.


I am working myself working on the post of connecting to SharePoint 2010 Online from MS CRM 2010 Workflow or Plugin Assembly. The workflow assembly is not supported in MS CRM 2011 Online just yet… but the beta of RU8 is released. The wait is for the RU for MS CRM 2011 Online.

Check out my blog… I will post the solution shortly.


6 thoughts on “Disclose MS CRM Online 2011 data in SharePoint 2010 Online

  1. Hi, did you ever get this to work? I mean, connecting from CRM 2011 online (inside a plugin or workflow activity) to Sharepoint online? I did not get it to work, because in CRM online the plugins are sandboxed and with that I cannot connect to Sharepoint online with claims based authentication. With on-premise CRM with FullTrust it is working fine.

    • Hi Sven,

      No… it cannot be done.
      Since you cannot use the WIF assemblies from within the sandbox, it is impossible.
      I have tried a million other ways… like programming my own WIF… and trying to accept the authenticated coockies.
      It cannot be done in my view.

      It really sucks though… I could really use a more native integration between CRM and SharePoint.
      So … as long as this is not possible … we need SAAS hosting partners… which is not too bad… better service, but higher rates.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi,

    Great post from you and LightningTools.

    you are talking about a solution which you are going to add on your blog. I didnt find it yet. Did you add it on your blog or not yet?

    I would like to build a sandbox solution webpart for inside my SP 2010 online with CRUD functionality to CRM 2011 online.

    I hope you can help me..

    • Hi Khalid,

      The solution was for a customer … so I cannot post the solution in my blog.
      Please follow the blog post from LightningTools… this was all I did.
      You definitly need an Azure (webrole) for this, sincs it’s impossible to connect from a CRM Online to SharePoint online and vice versa.
      Sandboxed solutions in both application prohitib the use of Windows Indentity Framework, which is required for making connection to a CBA application.
      The only way is using Azure.

      I know… I tried to use the authenticated coockies on the client… but no luck there either.

  3. Thanks Ivo for your quick answer. So do I understand you ok or not, It is possible to do CRUD functionality in a SP 2010 online webpart. I need to implement the Azure solution like in the blog from LightningTools?

    • Yep… that’s the story.
      I’m sorry.

      But know this… I made a Azure WCF Service for five CRM entities… disclosed this data from CRM to SharePoint… and put all five ECT in one Content Type or List.
      This was a extreme performance killer.
      One ECT in a list… performed – sort of – Okay…
      Two was worse.
      Five was too much.

      You only notice this, when all five columns have data… and then opening an Edit-form in SharePoint.
      Woohaa… took almost a minute to load.

      Good luck… and be adviced.


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